Our Respect Promise

“We are dedicated to making very real changes in the world. Doing the right thing in our business is doing the right thing for your business. The Respect Promise is our way to show we are committed to driving change.”


“It cannot be denied that a company’s goal is to make a profit.
As the largest independent motor-related insurance administrator in Southern Africa, we at Motorite believe that while this may be true, it is certainly not its only goal or even necessarily most important.

We maintain that brand ideals, rather than narrow profit motives is what drives the greatest companies. Brand ideals go beyond the product or service sold, are the higher purpose of a brand or organisation and its reason for being. It explains why the brand exists as well as the impact it seeks to make in the world.

Corporate social investment (CSI), for example, has always been entrenched as one of our key brand ideals, with many worthy causes being supported over the years.
Recently however, the need has arisen for us to bring these CSI initiatives together and give them a unified look and voice. Which has been realised with the creation of ‘Respect’.

‘Respect’ touches on the essence of what it is to be socially responsible. It is a universal quality that everyone can relate to and connect with. It is that feeling of deep admiration for someone or something and the starting point of achieving any positive outcome.”