In March this year Motorite celebrated our 30th Anniversary. Founded in Cape Town on the 29th of March 1984 by outgoing Chairman Marsh Shirtliff, Motorite remains the largest and in our “unbiased” opinion the most efficient administrator of motor related insurance products in southern Africa. Over this time Motorite has remained 100% independent ensuring impartiality at all times and rapid decision making, characteristics so vital in our industry.

One of the cornerstone’s to Motorite’s philosophy, “The Motorite Way” is our never-ending quest for ultimate customer service. We view this as a journey with no finite destination, just like the constant tweaking of a high performance engine improves performance, so the ongoing modifications and improvements we make to all areas of our business, ensure that we perform better as a business, and in doing so, provide a better service to our valued clients.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved as a business over the last 30 years but even more so of the improvements made over the last couple of years. I trust that the investment we continue to make in our systems, processes, products and most importantly our people is evident to you in the service that we provide to you.

To this end, in line with “growing” our valued and key staff, injecting fresh ideas, new motivation and hunger within Motorite, for this quest for ultimate service it gives me great pleasure to announce some strategic changes within the ranks here at Motorite.