Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd Privacy Policy

Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd values the importance of protecting your information in accordance with the requirements of South African law. Information means all information about you which is provided or made available to Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd through use of this website or the internet. This may include information such as your name and surname, age, marital status, identity number, date of birth, email address, contact details and the like.

We will comply with legal requirements regarding the use and protection of your information and will take all reasonable steps to protect your information from loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration. The information we maintain concerning you is stored in protected databases to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that information. However, please note that due to the nature of the internet Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd cannot guarantee the security of any information that you disclose online.

When you use the online services provided by us, you may be given a user name and password. If this is provided you must always keep this information secret and ensure that it is not disclosed to anyone.

When you use this website, complete a quotation or application form or contact us electronically, we will process and collect your information. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy before you provide us with any information.

Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd will use your information only as appropriate in the normal course of business. Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd does not sell information to third parties for independent use. However subject to the requirements of applicable law and your right to opt out at any time, Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd may use or share your information with other entities in order to offer you products or services via post, telephone, email, mobile phone or other means; and to verify your information against any other sources or databases, or share information that it may have concerning you with other people or companies who have a valid reason to verify or share in that information. Accordingly, subject to the requirements of applicable law and your right to opt out at any time, you hereby waive your right to privacy concerning your information.

We will also disclose your information when required to do so by any regulatory authority or to comply with any regulation passed under relevant legislation, or any legal process necessary to protect and defend Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd ' s rights and property (including Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd ’s intellectual property), or when you have authorised Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd to do so.

You have the right to access your own information that Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd keeps about you by following the procedures available under the Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd Promotion to Access to Information Act Manual available from the Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd website.

Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd reserves the right in our sole discretion to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and you agree that you are responsible for reviewing the terms of this Privacy Policy whenever you visit our website for any such amendments.