Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Below are just a few examples of the questions we are most frequently asked as an Underwriting Management Agency (UMA).

Should you have any question that is not answered below, please contact our call centre on 0860 66 22 11 or by e-mailing

What is a mechanical warranty?

A mechanical insurance warranty covers you should your motor vehicle have a mechanical breakdown (a sudden and unforeseen breakage of an internal lubricated component). A mechanical warranty will pay for the component as specified in your policy wording under the Limits of Liability.

What is the difference between a Service Plan and a Maintenance Plan?

A Service Plan is a non-insurance contract that will cover your scheduled major and minor services as per your manufacturer’s handbook. It will not cover mechanical failure or anything other than the service kits needed on a standard service.A Maintenance Plan is a non-insurance contract that will cover your scheduled major and minor services as per your manufacturer’s handbook, as well as maintenance and mechanical repairs needed by the motor vehicle because of normal wear and tear.

How long am I covered for?

Each product offered by Motorite is different. You will be able to confirm your period of cover by looking at the Proposal Form of your policy booklet. If you do not have a policy booklet, you can confirm your period of cover by looking at the Transaction Schedule supplied by the dealership that you purchased your vehicle from.

Should you not be able to locate either of these documents, please contact Motorite Customer Services with your vehicle's details (such as the registration number) for your exact period of cover.

I can’t find my product documentation. How do I get a copy of my product wording?

Contact Motorite Customer Services either telephonically or via e-mail, quoting your vehicle's registration and / or VIN number, and ask for your documents to be forwarded to you directly.

What do Motorite Administrators do?

Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd. are an Underwriting Management Agency (UMA) whose focus is primarily on the policy and claims administration of a variety of products, on behalf of insurers and non-insurance product suppliers.

I don’t understand why my claim was rejected. How do I follow up on what happened?

If a claim is rejected, you will be given a detailed reason at the time of the rejection. Our Rejections Administrator will call you to give you an opportunity to discuss and understand the reason for the rejection. You will also receive a formal letter from the insurer product supplier.

Covered items and the full terms and conditions can be found in your policy wording. However, should you wish to get a more technically-based clarification on the rejection, please contact one of the qualified Mechanical Claims Agents at Motorite by calling 0860 66 22 11.

How do I renew my cover?

As an Underwriting Management Agency, Motorite Administrators (Pty) Ltd is legally not permitted to transact directly with the public with insurance products. Sales transactions are made via an independent financial services provider. The Engine Room Direct Solutions (Pty) Ltd has been authorised as a juristic representative by Infiniti Insurance Limited (FSP Number 35914), to market their Motorite administered product range. They will assist you with your renewal.

For any sales quotes or product renewals, please contact The Engine Room Direct Solutions on 0860 126 837 (0860 1cover).

For any product or claims administration queries, please contact Motorite directly on 0860 66 22 11.

How do I submit a claim?

Motorite has simplified this process in order to ensure effective claims processing. Should you need to submit a claim, simply take your vehicle to one of Motorite’s, or the manufacturer's, approved repair or service agents (see below). Supply them with your policy number for your Motorite administered policy and request that they contact Motorite to submit the claim. The repair or service agent will contact Motorite with a quotation, as well as a reason for failure. After this has been submitted to Motorite’s claims division, they will ensure fair claims authorisation or rejection according to your specific type of cover and the cause of the failure.

Where can I take my vehicle for servicing or repairs?

Each product administered by Motorite is different and will have different options for servicing or repairs. Most products will allow servicing and repairs at one of the following:

Administrator approved dealerships

Manufacturer approved dealerships

Members of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI).

You will need to check your policy wording to see where to go for servicing or repairs. Alternatively, please contact Motorite Customer Services to confirm where you may take your vehicle.

What is my monthly premium for the product I have?

The majority of products administered by Motorite are on a term basis, whereby a single once-off premium is paid to the insurer. Generally, this is coupled with the vehicle finance agreement. In this case you would need to contact your finance house to confirm your monthly payments, as Motorite does not have access to the financial records of your vehicle's finance agreement. Should you have month-to-month cover, please contact the Motorite Customer Service Department to confirm your monthly instalments.

What is my policy number?

If at the time of sale you were supplied a hardcopy policy booklet, turn to the very last page and you will see a document named “Proposal Form”. Located at the top right hand corner, you will see your policy number, which often consists of letters followed by numbers. This is your policy number. If you were not supplied with a hard copy booklet, you would have been supplied with a Transaction Schedule by the selling dealership. The policy number will then be located at the top of the document (usually in the centre). Should you not be able to locate your policy number, please contact Motorite Customer Services for assistance.

Will you inform me before my cover expires?

Motorite will advise you 2 months before your plan expires. However, should you have a product that expires either on time or mileage, you may find your plan expires on mileage prior to the expiry date of your cover. Please ensure you remain aware of both the expiry date and expiry mileage to avoid claims being rejected due to the plan being expired.

I don’t remember this product, when was this activated on my vehicle?

Motorite administered products are mostly offered at the time of purchase of your vehicle and are coupled with your vehicle finance. The date of purchase of your vehicle is generally the activation date of the policy. However, the inception date may only be at a later stage depending on your product type.

Should you have purchased your cover telephonically, Motorite will request a recorded voice log of the call and will send it to you at your request. All you need to do is contact our Customer Service call centre and make the request.

What is an Administrator Approved Dealership?

An Administrator Approved Dealership is a dealership that has been registered with Motorite Administrators, and provides a guarantee on work done to your vehicle. Approved dealers also need to be registered with the Retail Motor Industry (RMI).

How do I cancel my policy?

You will need to contact Motorite Customer services and request a cancellation form. The form will need to be completed and returned to Motorite. Upon cancellation, commissions and costs are deducted from the premium, leaving a balance which is paid out on a pro-rata basis, depending on the unexpired period of the policy. This payment is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy having been complied with and no claims having been paid out against the policy. Refunds will be made to the financier of the policy.

How does my Motorite cover affect my manufacturer's plan?

Motorite products are designed to work hand-in-hand with your manufacturer’s factory cover. Some products are designed to increase the standard cover you receive from your vehicle's manufacturer, to ensure that more items are covered, or that the covered items will have a higher coverage.

Other products are designed to extend the manufacturer's plan, offering similar (if not the same) coverage for a specific period of time. Full details of your specific cover will be in your documentation.

What is Motorite’s B-BBEE status?

As of November 2013, Motorite is currently on B-BBEE level 7, with BEE procurement recognition level at 50%. Certificate number: 23/09/2013/G000008.

Why would my finance account go into arrears upon cancellation of my cover?

In the event of the policy being cancelled by you, commissions and costs are deducted from the premium, leaving a balance which is paid out on a pro-rata basis. When the settlement amount owed back to the finance house is greater than the amount to be refunded to you, your finance account may go into arrears. Should you wish to cancel, please contact Motorite Customer Services in order to confirm what your refund amount will be. You should then contact your finance house to determine if your account will go into arrears. Please ensure this is done prior to cancellation of your policy to avoid financial strain and penalties issued by the bank.

When is my next service due?

Each vehicle's manufacturer differs, and so do their service intervals. Your vehicle's make and model will determine when your next service is due. To confirm your next service date or mileage, first check your manufacturer’s handbook and service book. You may also contact the manufacturer dealership to confirm. Alternatively, contact Motorite's Claims Department to confirm your specific service intervals and when your next service is due, at both the earliest and latest possible dates and milage.

What benefit category do I fall under?

Benefit categories are determined by the age and mileage of your vehicle at the time of purchase. Your benefit category will not change during the lifetime of the cover. Each product is different and will have different benefit category limits.

You will be able to determine your benefit category by checking your policy wording and Proposal Form or Transaction Schedule. If at any time you are in doubt of your benefit category, please contact Motorite Customer Services to advise you.